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Jamesa Buchanan

Meet the owner

Seeing Jamesa Through the Assistant’s Eyes

Ysabella Lopez

If a person were to type “best Atlanta aesthetician” into a search engine, The Atlanta Aesthetician is normally one of the top options to appear. This could indicate Google truly does believe we are one of the best in Atlanta… or perhaps it just renders the words and “Atlanta” and “aesthetician” and figures at least two of the three words match. Personally, I can't speak for any other aesthetician in Atlanta and compare whether we’re the “best” or not, but as an assistant/receptionist at The Atlanta Aesthetician, I can say a significant part of our company that contributes to it’s uniqueness over all others is the founder and my boss, Jamesa Buchanan.

An important aspect of attending any care professional, whether it be a doctor, dentist, or anything similar, is their character. Jamesa’s personality makes her pleasant to work with, not only as an employee but as a client. I’ve noticed that her approach to a relationship with her clients mirrors a great part of her life outside work when she is with her kids, which is the tendency to be motherly. She advises her patients on how to take care of their skin beyond buying products and paying for treatment. She has her clients best interest at heart and will always deliver the hard truth about how their life habits, like eating and sleeping, significantly contribute to skin care as well.

This conveys a strong presence of honesty in Jamesa that I truly admire. She isn't the type to see clients as a money grab opportunity, but as people to give guidance to on their skin journey. I've seen her willingly lose business by letting people know they should see a dermatologist and not an aesthetician. Actions like these show me she really wants people to do what’s best for them, not her pockets. I truly value that type of integrity in her position of power.

As a black female college student, working for Jamesa has been an exceptionally fulfilling experience. Jamesa is the type of woman who sees others working toward their goals and is quick to brainstorm what she can do in her status to help. During a time where women helping women is a hot topic, Jamesa is the type of woman adding positivity to her field of work. When a door opens for Jamesa, she is the type to leave it propped open so those behind her have a better chance of making their way in, and I commend her.

Jamesa’s abilities are responsible for her clients great skin care results, but I believe her character is the reason her clients keep coming back. People receive the entirety of their money's worth, and more. She works to build trust with her clients like no other I’ve seen, both professionally and personally. Again, I can't personally speak for any other aesthetician in Atlanta, but with a boss like Jamesa, I 100% agree with Google's decision to consider us as one of the "best".

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