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Jamesa Buchanan, the owner of The Atlanta Aesthetician and a mother of two beautiful children. With over 18 years of experience in medical aesthetics, she is a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Practitioner. Her passion for skincare led her to attend the Aveda Institute and become licensed in aesthetics in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.


In Atlanta, GA, she is well-known for her diverse network of satisfied patients. Jamesa provides services to both younger and mature clients, working with a wide range of beautiful individuals who want to enhance their appearance. Her extensive professional education in facial anatomy, body shaping, and skincare has equipped her with the knowledge necessary to excel in the field. Having worked in top dermatology and plastic surgery practices in Atlanta, Jamesa become renowned as the #1 Cool Sculptor, Hydrafacial Queen, Skinpen Ambassador and the leading provider for chemical peels in the United States. She is constantly striving to learn modern techniques to ensure The Atlanta Aesthetician remains at the forefront, delivering the best results possible. This dedication is crucial in providing her patients with effective, safe, and outstanding outcomes.


Jamesa's philosophy centers around enhancing one's natural beauty, rather than altering their identity. She is committed to achieving the most natural-looking results for each patient. Her ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of yourself and foster long-lasting relationships with her clients.

"Be patient with your skin & strict with your skincare."
-Jamesa Buchanan
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