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Lipodissolve, also known as PCDC, is an injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in small areas to improve your profile and appearance.  PCDC may be an effective treatment option for you if you are healthy and exercise regularly, but have areas of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise, particularly in the neck or chin. 

Treatment areas include:

  • Double Chin & Jowls

  • Abdomen

  • Bra Line & Bra Roll

  • Arms

  • Thighs & Saddle Bags

  • Hips & Love Handles

  • Upper Pelvic Area

  • Buffalo Hump

  • What is a Hydra Facial?
    A HydraFacial consists of three basic parts: cleansing, exfoliating, and then moisturizing. The process reveals a new layer of skin through a gentle, painless resurfacing via a vacuum. Yes, you read that right. HydraFacials are unique treatments because they require a “hydradermabrasion device” that essentially vacuums out pores while simultaneously infusing the skin with potent actives.
  • How do Hydra Facials differ from other facials and peels?
    HydraFacials require a specialized machine uniquely designed for the procedure. The vacuum-like device cleans deeper than traditional facials with manual extractions, plus they save you the uncomfortable pain (ouch). Chemical peels are most effective on lighter skin tones. Meanwhile, HydraFacial produces anti-aging benefits on all skin shades.
  • Is a Hydra Facial right for me?
    Yes. Nearly everyone is a prime candidate for a HydraFacial. The all-inclusive facial is safe for pregnant women, teens, those with aging skin, and literally anyone just desiring the great benefits you enjoy after.
  • What are the benefits of a Hydra Facial?
    A HydraFacial is a great option for those seeking to recharge skin instantly. Some benefits of getting a HydraFacial are: Plumper, brighter skin Hydrated, more youthful appearance Clearer complexion Improved signs of aging Reduced fine lines and wrinkles Increased skin firmness Even skin tone and smoother texture Non-invasive treatment Painless (it feels great!) Deep cleanses pores Reduced appearance of large pores


Not sure if lipodissolve injections are the right treatment for you? Let us answer your questions over a consultation. Here at Atlanta Aesthetician, we can inform you of the many benefits of lipodissolve treatments.

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